Who Can We Trust??

Growing up I was so proud of my family if anyone ever hurt  them I  would attack .Right wouldn’t you all protect your family?? Has anyone found out maybe you were wrong with someone in your family the whole time your bragging about that one family member she was talking shit behind your back? So what do we do with people like that ,they are still are family some what .Will this story is about the last one i posted A niece of mine told my oldest brother and his wife I wouldn’t let her in my parents back yard to swim which was a complete lie but of coarse they believed her and we haven’t talked in two and half years.I thought the little bitch would come clean by now I guess I was wrong,I will confront her some day but right now I don’t care .I thought my sister and I were everything to to each other very wrong once again my mom would tell me that she would blame everything wrong on me say I’m on drugs etc etc I was like what the hell my parents stop believing her after awhile since I was the only kid who gave a shit.I want to just tell everyone what a piece of shit they are but I feel like I still will hurt my parents .WHAT TO DO anyone out there go through any some .Tell me your story please



Eight years ago I got a call at five thirty in the morning it was my mom dad was have chest pains ,There was one problem my dad worked for NASCAR and he just got to Texas we are in califorina but all of a sudden the six of us was on a plane trying to get to my dad He already had surgery HEART of course .The thing he had was aorta was bleeding from the inside out by the time they got him to surgery his heart stop and it took 23 minutes to get going again but that meant 23 minutes without oxygen to brain.3 weeks but doctors said one thing so my mom agreed and pumped him with morphine until he died,but before my dad died my mom told the 4 siblings my dads and her wishes I was to get house since they never cared before oh they all said ya whatever you guys want I’m number 4 down the line and I ‘m the only one who was there everyday  and on phone when I wasn’t.So my youngest brother went to court told judge know one was taking care of the house and he got control How is this fair so The house my parents wanted me to have just got sold  I wasn’t allowed to do everything I ‘ve been doing So what should I’ve done?Never trust your brothers or sister they will be the first to hurt you


I wanted to share this to everyone who have gotten ripped off by gurus.I was one who belived in the B_S lost a lot of money and pissed me off. I found a system I know is the real deal.This system m…



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when nothing goes right

Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you try nothing goes right?Since I lost both my parents I feel like everything I do or try to do falls apart,all of a sudden I’m late on all my bills because I don’t have enough money to pay them,before if I was short my parents would help me out then I would pay them back now I feel so alone in this big world its scary.My siblings and I aren’t talking with one another any more why??I don’t have a clue,they act like I did something wrong but I think it’s because when my Dad was dying our Mom pulled the 4 of them together and told them her and my dads wishes were and it was for me to have the house I think it pissed them all off because when I walked in the room mom told me what she just told them about me getting the house at the time I didn’t even want to think about it because that would mean our mom died to,so 5 years later I lost my mom but she never went and put it in writing so that means unless the 4 of them want to go with what she said their wishes were they don’t have to because there isn’t a will so guess where I am ? At my roommates house watching them getting ready to sell the house we’ve had for 52 years.I’m trying to do everything my mom told me to do if something ever happened to her and the 4 of them couldn’t give a crap.

The Treadmill: reunited with an old friend

wow what makes a person wake up and tell tem selfs im gonna run a marathon ? I think its great but I couldn’t do it WILL BE CHEERING YOU ON GOOD LUCK

Tri Fatherhood

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

In the early years of my triathlon and road racing “career” I used to spend a lot of time on the treadmill. It was a quick, easy, and most importantly, efficient, way to get my speed and tempo sessions done. Over the years though I became more and more enamored with everything that’s beautiful about running (and riding outdoors); the way sunrise smells, the murky humidity of a summer’s dusk, the birds waking up, the silence of neighborhood streets, fog hanging in Civil War battlefields. I eventually stopped tracking all of my runs – running “naked” as its sometimes called; meaning, no watch, GPS, or care for time, distance, and splits. I went back to communing with running for the sake of seeing beautiful things and hearing my own breath against the stillness of the sleeping world around me. 

This week I got back on…

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The Secret to Success in Business: The Rule

Trying to build your business to huh? well since ive had 9 back surgruies I thought I lost my parents know one will hire me I better figure something ou

Tri Fatherhood

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

I wrote an article for my LinkedIN page last week called “The Secret to Success in Business: The Rule”. I figured that title would draw interest from the career-minded LinkedIN crowd. The truth is, it’s not really the secret to success in business as much as it is the secret to success in life (or at least one of them). There are no secrets to success, of course, but practicing a few core values will ultimately leave you fulfilled and allow you to make a meaningful impact. How you conduct yourself in business should be a reflection of who you are and what you believe outside of business. I believe in a certain set of personal values for myself and our family. So, I’d lose credibility with my associates if I said one thing – yet behaved in an entirely different way when I got…

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